Welding up inboard shafts

Welding up worn inboard shafts

photo (61)   Dripless seals–like Tides or Strong Seal or PSS–work great, but they need a perfectly round and smooth surface to seal.  Unfortunately, some of the dripless seals cause mechanical wear or stagnant water electrolysis that won’t allow the seal to work properly after time.  And you can only move the seal so many times (or so far).  If the shaft is otherwise good (no cracks, no significant wear in the bearing area), it almost always makes sense to weld it up, machine and straighten.  We use a process, with TIG welding, that doesn’t warp the shaft too much, leading to a quick repair that’s less than half the cost of a new shaft.  The one above is a 30 mm shaft, machined and read to weld.  Let us help you get your customer back on the water with less hassle and money!