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Admiral/C&B Propeller–Volvo Penta Experts!

F Series Duoprop set:  $1382 FREE SHIPPING!

FH Series Duoprop set:  $1611 FREE SHIPPING!

J Series Duoprop set:  $705 FREE SHIPPING!

IPS1 T series set: $3539, TS series set:  $3629 FREE SHIPPING!

IPS2 P series set:  $7596, PS series set: $8329 FREE SHIPPING!

Sail Drive 2 blade aluminum: $266 FREE SHIPPING!

Sail Drive 3 blade aluminum: $332 FREE SHIPPING!

*Free shipping usually 2-3 business days.  Prices and availability subject to change.

Volvo Penta makes some of the best and unique marine drive systems in the world.   And due to their uniqueness and sophistication, the propellers they use are optimized to take advantage of the drives’ special characteristics.  Thus, it’s often best to use genuine Volvo Penta propellers on Volvo Penta drives, even when after market propellers are available.  In fact, aftermarket propellers are not available for many Volvo Penta drives.

Admiral/C&B Propeller is equally unique in our ability to supply you with OEM Volvo Penta propellers.  We have been a Volvo Penta distributor and repair station for many years and are very familiar with all of the drives and what makes them run best.

How to buy a Volvo Penta propeller?  The best way is to replace what you’ve got on the boat.  Find a part number, search it in our online store and find the best price.  If you can’t find the part number in our store, please email us and we’ll help you identify what you have and get you a price.  If the prop’s not running the way you want, take advantage of our expert advice to help you find the right prop.

Admiral/C&B Propeller is also one of the country’s most experienced Volvo Penta prop repair stations.  Click here to learn about our expertise with IPS drive propellers.

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