IPS Prop Repair

Admiral/C&B Propeller is uniquely qualified to repair the specialized IPS propellers from the Volvo IPS drives.  This revolutionary drive turned the boating industry on its head–and repairing the IPS propellers requires special know-how and equipment.

At Admiral/C&B, we start with a long standing distributor and repair shop relationship with Volvo Penta, who provides us with the latest in technical and sales data for the IPS drives.  We also been working with IPS propellers from the very beginning, with boat builders who helped prove that the drive could work wonders in efficiency, maneuverability and space economy.

The heart of the repair process is the Hale MRI scanner.  With this highly accurate measuring device, we can repair and reproduce the complicated geometry of the IPS propellers.  The results are repeatable and accurate.  This applies to the Type T, Type P and Type Q series propellers.

For the common Type T propellers, Admiral/C&B has invested in the correct pitch blocks so that we can quickly and efficiently repair those props in conjunction with the Hale MRI.  The finished product is as good as new.



The smaller T series props are eligible for free return shipping–click here for a repair form.

To order new IPS props at the best price, visit our online store here.